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How to Sell our Books

Our range of personalised books and gifts are sold via many leading mail order and online retailers; however, we can cater to all sizes of business.


All of our in house editions are created to make it easy for a retailer to set up, with standardised templates on the personalisation, product information sheets and/or CSV uploads, and plenty of product images. There’s no minimum order quantity for any of our products, so you can list what you like with no obligation.


If you want to become a reseller or retailer, simply fill in this form to show us you’re interested, and we’ll give you the tools to get up and running! Signing up with us means you can buy at wholesale discounted prices.


Pick what you want to sell

If you’re an online retailer, adding products to your website has never been simpler, as you can choose the method that matches your selling style.

Copy to Clipboard

This is designed as a quick manual method for you to get all the product information in one click for a specific product to add to your website.

All the basic information you need to sell a product via e-commerce, can be copied directly from our portal site. The product name, description, retail price & personalisation information is all included along with a URL for a product image that can be downloaded or referenced in your website. Data is structured so a developer could create an import routine for this data but this is a fairly slow method if you want a lot of products.


This is a fantastic way to gather the information for several products at once. This data is supplied so it can be uploaded to your website in an XLS or CSV format - you can choose to download all products or just select the products you want. To give you options you can either use the personalisation fields or if more technical you can take advantage of the more powerful personalisation links which are provided within this format. Product images are also contained in CSV / XLS files, as URLs, and can either be used straight from the link or downloaded.


Auto XML Feed

This is designed for developers who prefer to use an API to auto collect and then add / update product information on their website. Application Programme Interface - this is a standard set of rules for passing data into and out of our systems. The XML file contains all the data needed to sell our products on your website. It contains the same base data as the CSV file. Experience of API usage is required to implement this solution but once mastered, this is the quickest way of adding multiple products to your site at once.


Magento Extension

We operate on an e-commerce platform called Magento and if you also have a Magento website then, for a one-off fee we can supply an extension that enables you to add products to your website automatically. Just set up a product template and our extension will keep your site updated and send orders to us. You would still be in charge of your own marketing and search engine optimisation.


Placing orders the easy way

Once you start receiving orders, there’s a few ways of passing them to us to fulfil. Again, There’s no minimum order quantity for any of our products, so you can order as often as you need to via any of the following methods:

Portal/CSV Upload

This is a completely free way of placing orders with us, meaning you can list what you like, see how they sell and you’re at no obligation. This is a versatile platform which allows you to order product manually or via a CSV upload at trade prices. Orders are acknowledged and dispatches confirmed via email. Initially you will have a basic login, but once £500 worth of orders have been made, you will receive your own exclusive login. The portal is also a great place also to enable set-up of new products & to check latest gifts, available to you.


Personalisation Link (iFrame)

This facility, like the White Label, allows orders to automatically be placed with us once payment confirmed on your website. Product pages are set up on your site as normal, with images and description, but all personalisation fields are contained in a simple link that is already integrated with our back office system. The one off cost for this integration is £250, but it’s one of the easiest ways to pass orders directly from us meaning you don’t have to copy and paste order details onto our portal site. 



This method requires very little human intervention as, through a JSON file upload, you can add all your orders for that day direct to our Order Management System (OMS). After an initial developer charge of £250, to place orders via this method, you either need a credit account with us, or agreement to auto process payments from a saved credit card when an order is placed.



Magento V1 Extension

This operates in a similar way to the white-label as it is all automated, the only difference is that you build pour own site rather than have a copy of ours. Once your site is set up, any orders placed will come direct to our Order Management System (OMS) for us to automatically fulfil for you. After an initial integration charge of £500, to place orders via this method, you either need a credit account with us, or agreement to auto process payments from a saved credit card when an order is placed. You will need an experienced developer to instal and configure this option.

However the order has been placed, each order we receive can be tracked using our handy Where’s My Order link. 

If you own a shop and are Looking to sell in-store the following options makes it easy

We have several options that will allow you to sell personalised products within your shop:

We recommend that for any of the below methods, you order some samples from us to display; that way customers can see the great quality and read the books they are buying.

  1. A Simple login can be set up for use on your own PCs or Tablets connected direct to our ordering system. This will allow customers to order in-store and choose where their product is delivered.
  2. Take orders on paper forms and type them into our portal to order
  3. QR codes

This third option is our most recent development, allowing customers to place their personalised orders without leaving your shop.

Up to 10 QR codes unique to your store & our productsStarter Pack cost is £250 & includes:

  1. 10 product samples for display
  2. 4 x A3 posters & 4 x A4 showing QR codes & product images
Once customers have seen the products up close, they can scan QR codes on a poster using their phone or tablet, add their personalisation, and complete their order.
Scan our example
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